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Our Vision and Mission

MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to become a forward-thinking electronics services firm that sets the industry standard by prioritizing quality, innovation, equality, and flexibility. We strive to exceed client expectations and recognize and reward team members who demonstrate resourcefulness in challenging situations.

Screamer Electronic Services specializes in repairing telecommunications equipment, as well as providing supplementary services such as spare parts management, reverse logistics, and spare parts sales. With over 17 years of experience repairing equipment from major brands in the market, we offer essential client services that enhance Service Provider operations and raise service standards for end-users. Our streamlined process for maintaining and repairing telecommunications equipment can reduce costs, accelerate turnaround times, and extend equipment life.

If you want telecommunication equipment services that give you a competitive advantage, look no further than Screamer Electronic Services. With access to proprietary spare parts, test equipment, and intellectual property, we are a global leader in telecommunication equipment services. We are one of the few companies worldwide capable of providing comprehensive telecommunication equipment repair down to the component level. Additionally, we specialize in telecommunication equipment maintenance services and offer high-level technical support for installations, commissioning, and repairs.

We are a true “one-stop-shop” for all telecommunication equipment needs, including maintenance, installations, network upgrades, equipment repairs, and spare part management.

Refurbished wireless equipment can offer several value adds, including:

Cost Savings: Refurbished wireless equipment is often significantly less expensive than brand new equipment. This can help companies save money on their technology investments and stretch their budgets further.

Environmental Sustainability: By purchasing refurbished equipment, companies are reducing their environmental impact by giving existing technology a new life instead of contributing to electronic waste.

Reliable Performance: Refurbished equipment is thoroughly tested and repaired by experts to ensure that it meets quality standards and performs like new. This can give companies confidence in the reliability and performance of their technology investments.

Availability of Discontinued Products: Refurbished equipment can sometimes be the only way to obtain discontinued or legacy products that are no longer available from the manufacturer. This can be important for companies that need to maintain or expand their existing technology infrastructure.

Quick Availability: Refurbished equipment is often available more quickly than new equipment since it has already been manufactured and is ready to ship. This can help companies get the technology they need faster, minimizing downtime and disruption to their operations.