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Revolutionize Your Telecoms Repairs with State-of-the-Art Electronic Solutions

Welcome to Screamer Electronic Services, where cutting-edge technology meets superior electronic repairs. Our global electronic repair workshops and warehouses are equipped with the latest advancements, allowing us to seamlessly cater to a diverse array of customer product lines.

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Swift Solutions with Global Parts Accessibility

In our commitment to delivering swift and efficient return, repair, and replacement services, we offer a unique advantage – stocking your Telecom replacement parts. Taking it a step further, we proactively stock telecoms replacement parts sourced globally from our international warehouses, exclusively designed for high-end electronic products.

Field Technicians Expertise

Our skilled field technicians provide swift call-out services to your clients. Faulty parts are promptly collected and returned to our field warehouses for transmission to your international offices or directed to our electronic workshops for repair.

Telecom Worker Cliping Carabiner Harness for Safety
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The Pitfalls of Faulty Item Mishandling

Don’t let faulty items suffer from a lack of specialized knowledge and procedures. Improper disposal, incorrect OEM routing, and mishandling can lead to unauthorized repair charges and confusion over warranty coverage. Trust us to handle your electronics with precision and care.

Unlock Enhanced Asset Management with Our
Specialized Reverse Logistics Services

Our comprehensive range of high-level services includes:

Product Identification and Cataloguing

Repair Identification and Costing

Vendor/OEM Management

Warranty Repair Tracking and Reviewing

Item Tracking and Tracing Throughout the Repair Process



Packaging of Buffer Stock

Stock Level Management

Field Collections and Deliveries

Customer RMA Management

24-Hour Standby and Callout

Over-the-Counter Swap-Out for Field Service Technicians

Our Facilities

Our repair facilities can handle large volumes of complex PC boards at the component level, repairing over 80,000 pieces per month. We have a footprint of 10 warehouses countrywide, averaging 10,000m3 per site. Manned by specialist warehousing and storage personnel and managed by competent leadership, our facilities are supported by best business practices and ERP systems.

Whether you need repairs for your telecommunications equipment, refurbishment of used telecom equipment, or telecom spare parts, Screamer Electronic Services has got you covered. Contact us today and let us handle all your telecommunications equipment repair needs.

  • Cost savings

  • Extended lifespan

  • Warranty coverage

  • Faster deployment

  • Access to discontinued products

  • Expert support

  • Compliance with industry standards

  • Opportunity for upgrades

  • Enhanced reliability

  • Support for legacy systems

  • Access to expert knowledge

  • Reduced lead times

Trusted by Industry Giants

Count on Screamer Electronic Services, a trusted choice for some of the world’s largest telecommunication hardware manufacturers. Your association with us ensures that your customers experience world-class reverse logistics services.